Sebastian's little nest.

Sebastian just *LOVES* his new bedroom. Besides, what kid wouldn't... really? It's chock full of his toys and treasures, comes with a big boy bed, has a reading area + a table for doing puzzles and the like. 

In all honesty, the decision to get Sebastian at least part time into his own bed was mostly selfish. I want my husband to stay sane. ;) There were lots of complaints arising about going days without cuddles (and other physical forms of loving expression). I mentioned that I'd like a full sized bed for Sebastian for ease of nursing him to sleep, and strangely was met with another case of instant manifestation. Ben's dad was wishing to downsize to a single bed... so he went out and bought one and we took the full bed off his hands. It has been one of the best decisions we have made in awhile. Sebastian asks to go to sleep now! There is no struggle. He is on a schedule, even. About 9:30pm we go off and cuddle up in the bed. We read a book or 2 and then it's lights out and candle on. He's asleep by 9:45 every night. I get to cuddle with Ben until at least 3:30am; sometimes until 7am! When Sebastian wakes up, I go in and sleep with him. This has made him totally uninterested in the parental bed. Let's just say, Ben is much happier. 

I am much happier, too, as I find myself with little bits of free time. Sebastian disappears and I hear him singing to himself and spreading his toys all over the room. Sometimes I find him reading or just staring out the window. Talk about making the mama's heart soar... Though this project took 2 months to complete with wall paper removal, wall mudding, primering, painting, etc., his happiness has made it all worthwhile. 

Of course, there are a few details left to iron out. One set of curtains needs hemming, one side table needs painted (the reddish one by the bed) & we have a super fantastic modern ceiling fan to be installed. Beyond that, this kid is set. We even added vintage inspired ABC prints as a border. Sebastian points up and says, "A. B. She. D. hee. hum. who.". I guess it's all gibberish after D anyway. :) 

Shasta totally approves... and as a cat, I suppose it is her prerogative to think that her opinion is most important. Actually, I think Sebastian agrees with her. He is always so happy to see the kitties in his room. I just love coming in and finding them curled up at his feet. So sweet. 

Thanks for taking a peek! We are so relieved to have finished our first major house related project. Looking forward to sharing the next. <3


  1. This is amazing! He looks so happy and content. Great work! Would love to see some before pictures, if you have any.

  2. Oh yes! I do have some before photos around here somewhere... I will try to get them posted soon. :)