So long, furry friend.

We went in search of a dog at the beginning of April and came home with Jasper. Big, beautiful, cuddly, neurotic, possessive, cat chasing, stuff chewing Jasper. Ben fell in love with him at first sight. Sebastian loved to chase and play with him. Honestly, it took me some time to come to love him. I LOVE animals... and it was my idea to get a dog. This, however, turned out simply to not be a good match for our family. While he was overall gentle, he knocked Sebastian over constantly due to his size and level of excitement. On two occasions, Sebastian was bitten while attempting to play while Jasper was enjoying a treat. Both instances resulted in big bruises on Sebastian's legs. On top of all of that, this guy chewed up anything and everything he had access to when left alone for more than a half hour. We aren't gone much, but we do occasionally like to get out. 

We wrestled with our decision for a couple of weeks, and finally we realized that the stress of having him around was much greater than the stress of letting him go... Which is saying a lot considering my lack of sleep this past week. We took him in and provided detailed information to the shelter so he can be placed with an appropriate family. We rescued him from a 'no kill' shelter and had an agreement to return him to them if things didn't work out. For that I am thankful. Jasper will find a home. (I still cried my eyes out when we turned him over). 

I'm not sure what Sebastian thinks about it all. He was sleeping when we did the deed, and then Jasper was gone. 

Jasper: We send you off with wishes for a happy life in a loving home; with older children and cats that love to be chased. May you have tons of room to run, someone to walk you as much as you need, a friend to rub your belly and put peanut butter in your Kong toy. It was so hard to let you go... and I already miss you so. 

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