Holiday snapshots: Zoolights!

Our little holiday season began with a week long visit from Ben's mama, Myrna, who hails from SoCal. We spent a whole lot of time lounging around the house, drinking coffee & chatting away the way-too-early o'clock in the morning hours and just enjoying our time together. We *did* get out of the house long enough to shop a bit and to take an evening walk around the zoo to experience Zoolights! We had so much fun enjoying the lights that we barely noticed our frozen noses in the frigid weather (It was in the teens!). This just might be the makings of a yearly tradition:

See what I mean? Fun *&* magical! Ben and Myrna were all smiles:

...and so were Ben and I:

We were astonished when we realized that we never got a photo of the 3 of us together this season... so much for a holiday photo. Looks like we will have to make use of the camera timer for once. Here is the continuation of the fam photo from above:

Man, those flashes sure are bright! The lights were plentiful and I only have room for so many pix. In addition to the animal light sculptures, many of the trees were covered in varying colors of lights and adorned with snowflakes, ornaments and stars. A little taste of the fantastically lit winter trees:

And any trip to the zoo would not be complete without a whirl around the good old carousel. Sebastian has decided that the up and down animal riding is just not okay, so we opted for a bench seat. I never ever thought I would have to sit on the bench seat, but it was surprisingly fun. I guess the lesson is that anything I do with Sebastian ends up being fun. It's blurry, but it captures the movement and joy:

We celebrated a birthday just days after this, another special visitor arrived and we had Christmas a few days later, so there are so many more photos to come. Can't wait to share! Hope you all enjoyed a holiday as magical as ours!

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