Craziness prevails.

Remember that nasty cold we came home with from SoCal at the beginning of December? Um, yeah... It's lingering. Just when I realize that this is the first evening I can remember without coughing: Ben decides to try his hand at hot sauce making and grinds up some cayenne in the coffee grinder (which we use only for herbs). We are all hacking up a lung and opening the windows without a thought toward the less-than-20-degree temp outside. Seriously... the DOG is even coughing his head off. So I think it would be safe to say that there is a little bit of craziness up in our house.

Sebastian's terrible 2's have arrived full force and he has taken to hitting me whenever he is frustrated. He will literally walk up and start slapping me in the face while telling me that he is mad at Ben or Murphy. We had some success with curbing the biting early with the book 'Teeth Are Not For Biting', so I rushed out to the bookstore yesterday and purchased 'Hands Are Not For Hitting'. As we were leaving the store a sales associate offered complimentary gift wrap. Sebastian began to scream "Escaaaalaaaaaaytor! Ride Escalator!!!!" while beating me with both arms. I was trying to calm him and leave the store while trying to convey to the woman that gift wrap was the least of my worries and I began laughing. C'mon. That book is obviously the most necessary purchase we could come up with and gift wrap would only delay its immediate use. Like I said, no shortage of crazy.

It came to my attention that I tend to focus on the positive and mostly only blog on shiny little bits of Boldour everyday. Well, truthfully it has become more like shiny little bits of our every few weeks... I'd really like to utilize this space to the fullest and think that I need to round out my posts with a bit of the wildness that comes with parenthood. Soooo, I guess what I am saying is that you can expect more frequent posting along with a heavier dose of reality. Looking forward to sharing with you a more balanced glimpse. My focus word these days? AUTHENTICITY.

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  1. On blogging with authenticity: sounds great! I def. try to walk the line between appreciating the positive and being honest about what life is all about. Too much blogging about the cheery can be counter-productive. I think people read blogs to connect with others, and it's very isolating to think you're the only one dealing with whatever you've got. Kudos to you!