The Living Desert!

Our Thanksgiving was nice and low key. We started out with no plans to make anything other than a little something here and there as we desired it. We ended up with a full meal: wild boar, brussel sprouts, honey ginger sweet potatoes, cranberry chutney, french bread and a bit of wine & chocolate. Perfection. We spent the rest of the week lazing a tad, chasing the dog, wishing we could destroy the Elmo's Potty Time video after seeing it at least 10 times, hot tubbing, eating delicious food (including an awesome indian feast!) and enjoying fabulous company. Sebastian had loads of fun drumming with Grandma Myrna, playing with his "Old Grandad" Terry and keeping Uncle Andy (Grandma & Grandad's chihuahua mix) from kicking Murphy's butt. Oh yes, and Ben helped his mama prune her olive and grapefruit trees... that was big and much appreciated work. A friend of Myrna's gifted us with free tickets to The Living Desert, so we made time one day for a visit.

Sebastian was happy to be on the carousel... until it began to move. He proceeded to try to climb his way off and ended up riding draped over my shoulder. Weird... he ususally loves carousels. Maybe the music wasn't to his taste.

There is a fantastic little butterfly and hummingbird habitat on site. We spotted this tiny hummer's nest.

Here is one of 5 species of butterflies featured. They also had a "cocoon nursery". We were fortunate enough to watch one butterfly work it's way out of the last of his cocoon.

We saw some big cats mating... but it was over before I could even think of the camera. I did catch some camels exhibiting some strange behavior. Not sure if they were wooing each other or playing.

I got up close and personal with a goat names Sonny. Wise eyes?:

I think this might have been my fave part, though. So regal!:

Oh wait! The roadrunner was pretty awesome, too. He was kind enough to pose for the camera:

The turtles basked:

And the plants did, too:

I'd love to have a cactus garden like this, but I have no desire to live in that climate. Ben totally loves that heat. I am more of a Sequoias and Sea sort of girl.

Check out the thorns on this tree! Sorry for the blur...

We had a great time. Plus, we worked our legs walking around for about 4 hours. Good good times. If you find yourself down that way, make a stop at The Living Desert. I don't think you will be disappointed.


  1. Glad to see you guys had so much fun! You took some amazing photos. :)

  2. Thanks! It is amazing just how much beauty can be found in the desert. I really had no idea!