Happy Birthday, Star Prince!

Once upon a time, specifically on December 20th 2006, a young married woman went to the sea and stripped her clothes off before dipping in & praying for a child. The prayers were fervent, but realistic. "When the time is right", she pleaded. But she knew... just KNEW with every fiber of her being that the prayer would be answered, not in HER time, but in due time. And, of course, as fate (or whoever else) would have it: the child was born 1 year to the day (though it took the woman a few months to find herself at that magical realization). A year TO THE DAY! Seriously? How much more magical could it be?

Mama & little Sebastian Fox just hours after his perfect entry into our realm:

Is it just me? Or do you see how aware he was, even at his debut?
Happy Birthday, little one!

It is a shock to me how fast time is flying... and I find myself crying (waaaaaay prematurely) at the thought of you leaving the nest while, simultaneously, cherishing every freakin' moment. You are so beautiful, amazing, smart, aware. I can't get enough and can't wait to see what you do next.

In the meantime... I am just so happy that *you* are happy. You'll have that brother or sister you want (when the time is right)... I wish I could guarantee you those 2 twins you keep asking about... but we will leave that up to fate, or Aphrodite, or whomever... This has been a magical birthday and I am so happy to know you. You make me a better person... and I am forever in your debt for making me Mama (the one thing I KNOW I am good at).

So, smile that impish smile. Grin like there is no tomorrow. Keep touching hearts... and just be *you*. Your smiles make it all worthwhile.

I love you, my star prince.

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