SPRING (& an ode to Winter)...

SO so so so so much has happened since December. I swear, I never meant to take this long of a blog break, but I suppose life got in the way. Just to catch you up:

We moved! We decided to leave the coast of Oregon and settle inland about 50 miles just on the edge of Corvallis in a community called Philomath. It's small. It's all American... It just may be the safest feeling place that I have ever lived. We love it. We do miss the coast on occasion, but we resonate so much closer to the vibe that is Corvallis and we truly couldn't be happier with our decision. Here's a glimpse of one of the perks of our rental house: SUNROOM! We spend every morning (and much of the day) in here. We drink tea/coffee, do arts and crafts, watch the birds swoop in for snacks, play cars on the floor, color; etc. It really is a little slice of heaven. Note the playground just outside of our back fence. Baz is head over heels!

We've had visitors... One of which indulged the Bazlet in a serious jam session:

Ben began a new job (which he loves!) and we have taken a few breakfast dates to enjoy some alone time to connect.

We said goodbye to a very special animal friend... Actually, said goodbye to 2. My snake, Shiva, made his way out about a month and a half before my sweet kitty Shasta.

Breakfast dates were made possible by a little someone beginning preschool! That's his preschool building just past the trees. It is set at the edge of a gorgeous park and has a fab playground out back. Again, he's in love. Loves his teachers and making new friends. Working on learning the ways of school life and finding his place in the group.


...and grew some more!

I've found little bits of my spirit self that had been neglected and hiding... Feeling so much clearer.

Got some tattoos...

Matched by a Sister-friend!

Took a spontaneous trip to Cali to visit friends and fam (and my fave mountain: Shasta!).

Connected with a niece/cousin that we hadn't yet had the chance to know.

Spent time with cherished friends (& fam; many of whom shy away from the camera)...

and decided that we just can't live without a sweet kitty friend (okay, that's all me... I'm missing my Shasti, but I'm ready for the next adventure. We welcome our new kitty this Thursday!).

Okay, yeah... so, a lot has happened in the past season... much more than I have listed, surely. I feel like I hit the major points spot on, though. Looking forward to sharing the next changes. Feeling grateful for Ms. Amelia for kickin' my butt into blog action by requesting that I get to posting and expressing that she has missed my bloggy presence. Send us some "get well" lovin'. We've got a nasty cough/cold brewing in our house. Sun has been popping out for bits and we really want to get outside and take advantage of the blooms and light!

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