Ah, sweet February!

Every February I am taken by surprise at how the happy just flows on in. It is a strange and magical thing that I am just now really realizing... Oh, February! I have missed you so!

Dreary January is behind us. The sun is peaking through gigantic, fluffy, white clouds more than 2 days out of the week. Bulbs are beginning to break through the ground... crocuses just around the corner! All of this warmth and uplifted energy has brought me to another point of cleansing. It helps very much that Sebastian and I have transitioned out of our nursing relationship and my body is fully my own again. Instead of opting for a total elimination cleanse, I decided it best to redesign my way of eating; my relationship with food. I have been so unhappy with the weight I have been lingering at for so long (never did get back to prepregnancy weight, which was also much higher than my ideal weight). It isn't just about weight, though. It is about recognizing when I am overeating, and why. It's about noticing how I feel when I eat and how any given chosen food makes me feel after eating it. I am a certified Diet Counselor. Seriously. I know what to do, I just get lazy. And so: In conjunction with taking Michael's Naturopathic Ultimate Detox & Cleanse, I am focusing on making the bulk of my meals fruit or veggie centered. I don't eat much meat to begin with, so I am choosing only a tiny bit of sliced turkey or ground chicken in my soups. I cut waaaaaaay back on the breads. Strangely I don't miss them as much as I expected. And the sweets? Ugh. Those are usually my downfall. Not so. I am eating about 2 squares of dark chocolate (70% or above) daily and do not feel deprived in the slightest. No alcohol, no caffeine... but those are the only 2 no-no's for 2 weeks. Here I am at the end of day 5 and feeling great. I have had some emotions come up and some aches for the past 2 days, but the bum knee that has been bugging me since the beginning of December has miraculously stopped hurting. Ahhhh, I love a good cleanse.

So here I am, feeling great, reflecting much, and just reveling in transition. Sebastian is on a nap schedule again and that has afforded me some daily alone time to bathe, read & meditate. Everything is sort of shifting into focus. I'm going to continue taking it easy, but will post some photos when I feel up to it. Spring is on it's way!!!

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