30 days of beauty: Murphy the wonder dog!

This little guy has warmed our hearts, taught us much in the way of patience & added so much more to our lives. Okay, yes... much of what he added was just more responsibility, and when he was chewing everything in sight whenever we would leave the house he added a whole lot of anxiety and anger. You see, my husband proclaims himself a non-dog person. I understand that he hasn't had much experience with them, but am pretty confident that this one is growing on him. Enter the crate. Ahhhhh, so much better. At least when we leave the house we know that our stuff isn't being destroyed. Actually, Murphy has taken to it as his safe space and enjoys sleeping in it, too. The crate: a life saver. I used to think of it as a cruel doggie jail... no longer. We are careful, of course, not to abuse it. It *is* the greatest tool and has made this puppy loving experience so much better.

After roaming the house, enjoying treats and being tuckered out from some good old fashioned wrestling with the toddler, Murphy plants himself in any of the chairs he deems comfortable in the moment. We tried to keep him off of the people furniture for awhile and then decided that his comfortable happiness was ours, as well... here he is settled into my father-in-law's fabulous pink throne:

Oh, Murphy. You teach us so much and we love you, beautiful mutt. We are savoring puppy time, but do so look forward to a year from now when you are all settled and a bit calmer (though we have no illusions about you being too calm... you are a terrier after all).

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