30 days of beauty: FOOD!

Erin over at bluebirdbaby has inspired another 30 days of blogging. It is just the kick in the proverbial pants that I needed to refresh this space. I've been detoxing for about 2 weeks and thought it most appropriate that I begin this project with a little glimpse of some of the yummies I have been enjoying. As within, so without.

Ben and Sebastian have been enjoying oatmeal for breakfast much of this week. I have been doctoring up my cereal. This mornings breakfast was Mesa Sunrise flakes in vanilla soy milk with coconut, dried blueberries, craisins, macadamia nuts and chia seeds. Suuuuper delish.

Sometime last week we discovered some tasty veggie burger patties called Sunshine Burgers. OMFG triple yum. Here we ate them on whole grain bread with sunflower sprouts, onions, carrots and a bit of cream cheese.

Beyond these tasty treats, there has been much ingestion of smoothies, veggie stirfry and wheatgrass juice! Immune system is feeling the lift and this tiny cold the kid passed to me mildly came and went in about 2 days. It feels so good to be taking the time to eat right. So so very good... good food is a beautiful thing.

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