Renovation Reveal: Our bedroom!

Most of you know that my little family moved to Salt Lake City last year from California to give some much needed updating to the house that Ben and his brother own (that used to be their Grandma's). The bedrooms needed some serious love. This is what our room looked like just after we moved in...

It's a dark picture and hard to distinguish just how ghastly the wallpaper was. There were 2 layers of paper and one had bled through the other. New Year's Day felt like the perfect time to tackle this room and breathe new life into it. I spent a few days sanding off the old wallpapers and washing down the walls. I then spent several days priming and painting 3 coats of paint onto those walls... then there was the trim, etc. We still have to install the new doorknobs... Behold! It's a totally new room! A place of sacred, sacral exploration:

These first 2 pix are taken in natural light. I know... you are thinking: ORANGE? Ben talked me into it, and it took a good amount of convincing. Now that the project is complete, I think I am in love. That man has insight about color and I should know better than to give him much trouble about it. I was thinking lavender... Sheesh.

Here is what the paint looks like with the bedroom light on. I do love how the dark furniture grounds the aliveness of the orange.

Another project complete!!! Here I am, all proud of myself. I am smiling even more on the inside.

What's next? Looks like the bathroom... But first I'm going to kick back and take a much needed vacation for a few days while one set of my parents come to visit. Looking forward to some fab fun in the city with them and to sharing photos of our adventures!


  1. beeeeeeeeeeaaauuuuuuuutiful work, tiffanie!!!
    -- lola :)

  2. god, those colors look great, Tiff! Great job! I had some red in my bedroom as a singleton, and I think that IS the color for a bedroom! Now just work myself towards it again... And you are looking very good yourself too! hugs

  3. ooops, orange... I thought it was red...:)

  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm loving it. Andrea, I had a red room when I began dating Ben. It was a naughty good time. ;) I have a feeling that orange might be very similar.