Birds & Bees!

A couple of days ago Baz approached me with an incredibly sad face.

"What's the matter, Sebastian?"

"Well, I was just wishing that, when I grow up, I could get a seed from a man and grow a baby in my body."

"Ummmmm... oh. Your body can't do that, but you will be able to do something just as special when you are a man." 

"Like what?"

"You will be able to give your magic seed to a woman and she will let the baby grow in her body. Women really can't make babies without help from men."

"Oh. Okay, then. Where do the men get their seeds from?"

"Ummm... When you are a man, you will know just where to find them."

OMG. Are we really having this conversation already?! Little dude isn't even 3 & a half yet. We're totally in for it.

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