30 days of smiles: Days 24 through 30!

That'll teach me to do a '30 days' challenge without factoring in the vacation and time away from a computer. Whoops!

The trip was great! MUCH needed. Honestly, there was a whole lot of stress around it and way too much of my mind was wrapped in worry at making everyone else happy... Yeah, yeah: lesson learned (though I may need a reminder next time around). We are SO glad to be home.

We spent some time playing in the park and eating amazing food in Ashland on the way down to California. We spent a night with Aunt Ronda in McCloud, Ca on the way down and on the way back home.

No pix of the festival!? I know! How did that happen? Also, pix of many people are lacking. I tend to forget to whip out the camera when I am preoccupied. ;)

Time in Shasta was incredibly healing... so was time with family and friends. The icing on the proverbial cake was soaking in the hot springs at Stewart Mineral Springs (on Mother's Day!) the afternoon before we came home. Words cannot express how much I needed that "reset".

This is probably my most scattered post so far and I apologize for that. I'm gearing up to be away from home for a week (and my little one... *sadface*) for a doula training. I'm trying to conserve some energy and ready myself, but I am failing miserably. Surely, I will have tons to post about when I return!