Adventures in green & blue.

My fam spontaneously hopped in the car over a week ago and drove to Oregon in hopes of finding a place to relocate to. We didn't tell anyone we were going... heck, we didn't know we were going until the night before. It is just time. Time to be where we want to be. Time to be where our souls surge with joy simply because the air is pure. Time to move forward and live a new adventure; to journey into the present with our dreams intact. And so we were welcomed sweetly into the home of long time friends who are more like family. It has been magic. I am so humbled at being accepted into their space and given shelter and a safe space from which to manifest our new place of residence. So so so completely grateful.

Ben jumped back in the car a few days ago to get home to packing and Sebastian and I stayed behind to continue our apartment/house search. We have found the perfect rental just 2 blocks from the ocean... keep your fingers crossed for us. We should know if it's ours in the next couple of days! How will we get home? Perfectly enough, my sweet friends have a family engagement in the Sacramento area at the end of this week. We're hitching a ride with them and then spending some time with friends and family in Davis/Sacramento for about a week before hopping on a train back to Salt Lake. After that will be a feat of furious packing. We are moving to Oregon in early to mid May!!! And so, a tiny view of what is in store for us... Blue skies, blue waves, sand, sun, greeeeeeen & a healthy dose of RAIN!

McBride family forest @ Daisy Hill:

A bit of calm achieved... Trusting what is to come.

Tiny sandy footprints and a very fast boy:

Mama Ocean...

Very BIG smiles.

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