At home vacation.

So this is what an at home vacation might look like:

Ahhhhh... Sleeping in.

Time for art. Finally got around to making some meal blessing cards (from Amanda Blake Soule's first book: The Creative Family. New book coming out in August!).

I even had time to paint the front door the color of the new growth on the front yard bushes... A super simple and much needed refresh.

Family feasting in the driveway. Togetherness. Awesome.

Fireworks! Above our house, even! We also hiked down toward the park for a professional show... and ended up avoiding the crowds by parking our tushies on a corner a few blocks from the park. The folks living there were gracious enough to share their lovely view and lawn.

Sebastian was much more excited about the fireworks than he looks in the picture. He was completely engaged and would not be interrupted.

& then there is the lettuce. GLORIOUS, crisp, sunshine filled, home grown lettuce. There are at least 5 varieties planted in our lettuce box. This is the first harvest.

There is something seriously magical about picking your own lettuce and eating it 15 minutes later. Tonight's dinner: Salmon, cranberry, cashew, tomato & fresh corn salad with a slice of seeded bread from the local German bakery. Heaven or something like it.

A little break seems to be just what our little family needed. We've been working our tails off around the house and that awesome California trip took more out of me than I thought. My birthday got a little sneaky on me and brought up a whole bunch of strange emotions I am still working through.

It's all good. Our sleep cycles are finally realigning (thanks to lots of lazy midday naps)... Our bellies are enjoying super delicious food (despite the slow death of our fridge)... We are filling to the brim with the delights of Summer (after a truly sweet June & beginning of July). This vacation doesn't end here, however. I'm off to enjoy a movie and cuddle up with the man. ;)

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