Something old... Something new.

Ahhhh... How I love a completed project!

Within the last few weeks, we put the finishing touches on Sebastian's little bedroom: a new-to-him bookshelf salvaged from a yard sale ($7!) and painted a sunny orange & a sweeeeeeet ceiling fan that makes his room the most coveted in the house. I actually look forward to being awakened for nursing in the middle of the night and find myself sleeping out the remainder of the morning under that cool cool fan.

Onto the next project? Naturally. A wild hair spurred me to randomly begin ripping out the nasty old wallpaper in the mama and papa bedroom. Now I just need to muster up the energy and willpower to scrape the wallpaper backing off of the wall and get it all primed for painting. Lavender, here we come!

It's a bit premature, but I just couldn't pass up the awesome vintage pillowcases and pillow at the flea market this weekend. We enjoy Ben's Grandmother's bedroom set, so we may as well add to the theme.

And speaking of gifts... Our neighbors treated us to some currants from their yard; a treat indeed. This was my first experience with fresh currants. We will be ordering some bushes for the yard by next Spring.

But the best gift of all...

Something new to me, yet charmingly aged and ageless. Benjamin made me the keeper of his Grandmother's pearl ring. We aren't sure of its history, but it was in her collection. I have always been enchanted with pearls and secretly hoped to find a pearl ring to go with my wedding band. It looks like this was meant to be.


  1. lavender room, not orange? :)

  2. Yep! We talked about the 2 colors a lot and had many paint chips hanging in our room. Lavender finally won out. I think orange would just be way too stimulating... Sort of like that time I had a red bedroom. It was great for catching a husband (haha), but these days we need all of the sleep we can get. ;)