Leaving on a slow train.

STOP! Adventure time! :) 

I'm having the laziest day ever as I prepare to scoop up Sebastian and a few belongings and board a train for California. We leave tonight at 11:30pm! So late. A 17-hour overnight trip that will prove to be nothing short of fun. First stop? Davis; our beloved ex-home. Going to visit Jev and Amelia for a few days before heading on to Sac for oodles of family time. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone *&* getting in a bonus trip to Yosemite. I SO wanted to make it to Yosemite before we moved to SLC and it just didn't happen for lack of time. 

Magazines, snacks, books, toys & camera are all ready to go. I'm not so sure that updates will be possible... at lease not photo updates. I will try to update on our excursions, etc. every few days and as time allows. Beyond that, I am very much looking forward to having some sweet photos to present when we make it safely home at the end of the month. Enjoy this crazy June and the blessed adventures it may bring your way. 

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