California Baby.

I didn't anticipate needing so much time to recuperate from being away from home. 18 days is a looooooong time.

Sebastian thoroughly enjoyed the train. He slept well, played hard & had a blast playing peek-a-boo over his seat with fellow passengers. I thought that the 17 hour ride each way would never end, but I think I would entertain the idea of doing it all over again (maybe next year).

The first leg of the trip was all about Davis, CA. We spent a relaxing and fun weekend with our friends Jevan and Amelia.

We were able to spend a yummy BBQ evening at our old apartment community. Sebastian was more than thrilled to see his friend Kubi again. My biggest trip regret is that we didn't have more time in Davis. Ahhhh, next time...

We moved on to Carmichael, Ca to vist with Nana Alta and Lenny. Another regrettably short leg of the trip, but a very good time. Time spent in the pool & morning talks. Ahhhh, I miss the morning talks.

2 fun days in West Sac were next. Uncle Jared and Niaree filled us up with super delicious food. We had some down time around their apartment & enjoyed a walk through the Capitol yard to one of our fave restaurants (Zocalo!). 2 words: Blackberry Margaritas. Bliss. Okay, truly... Most legs of our trip were individually too short.

YOSEMITE! My dad, Step Ma & cousin took us on over for a trip to the beauty land. SO incredible. Unfortunately, Sebastian wasn't much up for being in the car the whole time, so we missed out on some stuff. I am so thankful for the experience, though, and wouldn't have had it any other way. Plus, I got a day of fun talks with my dad and lazing around the campground. After 5 days of true vacation, we did spend some time at my parent's house swimming, lounging, playing & having haircuts.

YAY! Sebastian's first haircut... marking the change he has made from baby to toddler. The change is so pronounced, it really did need to be physically acknowledged. Although I do miss those sweet blonde curls.

Mom's! We spent most of the end of the trip with my mom/Gradma Winnie. We enjoyed being inside with the air conditioner as it had finally become too hot to handle. We also had a super fun evening walk to the park where we took part in a family game show night. Sebastian LOVED running through the fountains & keeping me busy chasing him all over the park. We had some nice meals out, one of which included a visit with Aunt Cris.

What surprised me the most? Stepping off the train and back into Davis, I felt like it was a place to visit. I no longer belong there. It isn't home. I loved visiting California, and plan to many times over... but it is weird to me that it doesn't feel more than just familiar. We had a lovely time overall. 18 days really was too long, but I am glad that we made it that long for the first trip. Too short and the exhausting train ride wouldn't have felt worth it.

Anyway, for some reason I was having trouble composing this entry all around... So this is just a short recap. I am looking forward to getting back into the groove of posting regularly. Enjoy the summer heat!

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  1. BTW: Some people were not photographed because they either hate the camera, or I was lame at remembering to take photos.