::Here I Am::

This space has sat vacant for most of the year... and I find myself drawn back. Not sure where to begin, but here I am. The shifts that have occurred during this break are deep, and rich and truly too numerous to mention. Again... but here I am.

Where am I, exactly?

Okay. The low down:

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and excited for our planned home birth attended by midwives.
I'm savoring alone time with Sebastian before he sinks into big brother-hood.
I'm nesting and resting and settling into Autumn by cozying up near the fire in our hearth, slurping savory soups, luxuriating in warm baths, constantly burning candles and making my space feel as sacred as possible.
I'm rejuvenated and renewed by the many cherished visitors who have travelled to spend time with us in the past few weeks.
I'm gently delving into shadow work with the women of Autumn SouLodge... dreaming of and breathing as Panther.

In short, I'm doing the work. Preparing, waiting and listening to my body. As I dig deeper in the coming weeks, I will be glad to share in this space.

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