August, where's that break?

Ugh. Just ugh. Computer that we put our photos on... failing. Computer I am typing on? Geriatric & without iPhoto. Hence the lack of posting. Fail. I'm blaming it on that bumhole Mercury & his inconveniently evile retrograding ways.

Taking a 2 week trip to Cali to spend some time with the fam and with some dear friends. Stressed about trying to squash everyone into short visits so that I can see all of my lovelies. Extra stressed that I probably won't get to see a couple of loved ones that I very much want to see and have missed on previous trips (lOOking at Robertito & Pegalicious). Meanwhile., I'll keep taking photos and somehow manifest a wholly functioning computer in the next few weeks. Eventually, I shall catch up.

Big summery, sunshiny, blessings to you all!

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